Saturday, July 31, 2010

Try at least once: Creative food

No!! This is not a blog on porXXgraphy. Don’t report this blog! Just read on.

This was one “creative serving” I had in a Izakaya at Osaka. Believe me, creativity involved in it made it much harder to eat. Otherwise ingredients are just fine when had (I mean eaten, eaten!) separately.

Name:               Itte Shimatta (いってしまった) “I came!”
Place:               One Izakaya at Jusou station, Osaka (
  • Hmm..let me start from the blls! They are made from normal cooked rice.
  • The "main thing": Good roasted and buttered sausage. Looks are quite self explanatory.
  • The juice: Salad dressing with "convenient look".
  • And the most important part at the bottom, nicely cooked beef.

I was  quite astonished at what was lying in front of me. This restaurant was about so called creative food. But I wasn't expecting it to be THAT creative. What else is cooking in there? 

I took a sneaky look around as if we have ordered something that must not be ordered. But everything and everyone was cool and the "creative food" in front of me was being taken care of just like any other dish.

Anyway, if you want to see it yourself, you know the place now!