Friday, April 15, 2011

Izu peninsula from the Sky

Taken from the plane while I was travelling back from a business trip
You can see Mt. Fuji in the background.

In case of earthquake..

After the 11th March earthquake, the emergency goods (防災グッズ - pronounced 'bosai gootz' ) started to disappear fast from all over the Japan.

It was a natural reaction by everybody experiencing never before aftershocks. I also did some shopping and here are some tips to stay prepared.

Things you will need to keep ready in the emergency bag (In the order of priority):

1. Helmets. For kids, you will get a 'safety cushion' to wear on the top of head which looks kind of extended version of inverted pyramid.
2. Food & water: This you will get in lot of variety. Be careful about the expiry dates.
3. A whistle: To attract attention if you are trapped somewhere.
4. Thin sheets to protect you from wind and chill.
5. Shoes which can protect you from broken glasses and rubble.
6. Rope.
7. Lighter/Match sticks/Candles.
8. Plastic bags.
9. Baby food. If you have a breastfeeding baby, this should go top of the list.
10. Any medication which you must have daily.

This is the top of the list. I have found that many kits these days come with innovative new items like small radio sets, hygiene kits, basic medicines etc. It all depends on where you live and how much time you expect for help to arrive in case of emergency. Do the assessment of your own community, consult with your local emergency response teams if necessary and choose the best suitable kit for you.

Stay safe.

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