Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nomikai topics - Your blood type

If you go for nomikai (飲み会:Literally 'drinking party') often with your Japanese friends/colleagues, there are  so called 'FAQ's you will certainly come across.

What is Your Blood Type?

Blood group based fortune telling(血液型占い) is a national pastime in Japan. Initially I thought how can there be only 4 types of people in the world, but it is not about 4 types. It is more about attributing certain traits to the people with certain blood type. Here are some of those traits

Type A:
  • Very particular, meticulous and with sense of responsibility about any thing they do.
  • Do not take much risks.
  • As a shortcoming, these types may get too much involved and think in too many details.
  • Takes time to convey his/her romantic feelings. So forming relationship may take time.
Author's comments: Since you are in Japan, if you are guessed to be A, take it as a compliment.

Type B:
  • Easily interested in many things and gets into action but easily gets bored too.
  • Fickle. Not a great team player. Individualistic and creative.
  • Easily falls in or out of love.
Author's comments: Most looked down upon type to be in relationship with. If you are B, you have lot of 'damage control' to do.

Type AB:
  • Obviously mix of AB. 'Dedication' from A and 'Quick Action' from B makes them successful in most of their tasks.
  • Even while in relationship, tends to keep certain distance with boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Sometimes gives a deep thought to own actions but sometimes dives into action straightway (Mix of A and B?).
Author's comments: I still don't see how a person can be self contradictory,

Type O:
  • Is dependable and has leadership qualities.
  • Does not give a thorough thought before actions. Sometimes regrets for his actions later.
  • Tends to be in more romantic or dramatic relationship.
  • Makes clear differences between 'them' and 'us'.
Author's comments: Seriously??

So, that was about the 'blood type talk' that you may hear a lot over Japanese dinners with young and middle-aged people. Although in Japanese, there are even books on this type of fortune telling.

Disclaimer: This post is under 'Humor' label since author thinks about any type of fortune telling as a waste of time. No offense! Sometimes I waste my time too, but in other ways.